Hello everyone!

How’s about this being the first page in a brand new journal. Don’t you just love that feeling? Having a clean slate to start anything that you’ll think of, dream about, and do in the future from this point onwards?¬†That’s what I intend to happen here, with you witnessing all of my happiness, troubles, fails and successes.

First thing is first; a little bit about me- because it’s always important to know where the point of view is coming from, hm?

IMG_1335.JPG¬†<—– That’s me!

I’m literally a millennial- born in 2000- and I have shaven off my eyebrows more than once. My music tastes fluctuates and this Pokemon Go thing is super confusing as I preferred Hi!Five. You can find me at home wearing loungers, barefoot, or out at White Spot in heels that help my 5’0″ stature.

This wordpress was made to help me structure myself. I’m a very disorganized person in all areas in my life. It’s so bad that I was tempted to make several wordpress accounts just so I didn’t have to have all my likings in one space. What you’ll find here, though, is very basic and will all be tagged so you can filter the other stuff out. Some of the things are:

  • Baking (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free, ‘Normal’, everything!)
  • DIYs and Cosplaying
  • Fashion and Trends
  • My Cat, Darcee, and Pet Help
  • My Weight Loss and Healthy Living Journey

Hopefully something on this online documented journal will intrigue you enough to stick around for all the fun that I’ve got planned for us!




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