Slow Cooker Virgin Baja Salmon “Risotto”

Slow Cooker Virgin Baja Salmon “Risotto”

I’ve finally jumped onto the bandwagon and bought myself my very own slow cooker. I know, I know! I’m very late but at least I don’t have to switch from pan o pan to rice cooker to pot (and repeat) for everything now!

I got some sockeye and pink salmon from work on Saturday and I just had to make something with it in my new toy so why not combine the elements of my family favourite stir-fry with my favourite dish, risotto?

It’s not real risotto, I know, but I can’t have wine and I didn’t have any Arborio so looks like it’s a disguised dish? You can certainly substitute your lime juice with 1/2 cup white wine and your Jasmine for Aborio if you want a traditional risotto.

My family ABSOLUTELY loved this dish! My brother doesn’t care for fish as much as he does red meat so I was afraid that he would take only a bite before pushing it away but he in fact asked for seconds. My mother is not a fan of lime or cilantro and doubted my beginning slow cooking skills but she even suggested I bring some downstairs for my grandmother and grandfather to try (I think that’s what she said through the ‘mmm’-ing and the ‘awh’-ing).

Here is the recipe!

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